TENANIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has been designing and manufacturing digital panel meters and large displays over 30 years, our major business are design, manufacturing and sell LED digital display from small size to large size with analogue / digital signal for indoor / outdoor, our digital display can work with many different kind of applications, the applications include: Temperature & Humidity / Time / Clock / Length / Counting / Weight / Quantity / Displacement / Angle / Pressure / Voltage / Wind Speed / Speed / Count Total Visitor / Traffic Light Count Down / Car Park Space Counting and Total / Water Flow Rate / Green Energy Management / Time Management / Production Management / Farm Management / Environment Control and Management and etc...
We also provide custom made digital display with certain number of quantity, custom made SCADA software to work with our display.

Our digital display size include: 0.8" 、 1.0" 、 2.3" 、 4.0" 、 5.0" 、 6.6" and 10.0",Dot-Matrix digital display has 1 ~ 3 modules,we can extend it longer if need, large digital display can have either single side or double side, our display is subitable for either indoor or outdoor.

The digital display can work individually with sensors to only show the information need to see, the display can also connect to the PC for remote monitoring , change setting, save data, generate report for print out and etc... to help improve the company productivity and reduce the error rate.