Multi-Functions Digital Display

Provide small to large size Analogue / Digital Indoor / Outdoor digital display, digit height included 2.3", 4", 5", 6.6", 10". can have Red,Green,Yellow,Blue,White colours, can be multi-rows or single-row Single side / Double sides Multi-functions digital display, it's easy to install and use, can connect to the PC via SCADA software for remote monitoring and managing data, for a certain number of order, we can also provide custom made to meet your needs。

Suitable for:

Temperature & Humidity / Time / Clock / Length / Counting / Weight / Quantity / Displacement / Angle / Pressure / Voltage / Wind Speed / Speed / Count Total Visitor / Traffic Light Count Down / Car Park Space Counting and Total / Water Flow Rate / Green Energy Management / Time Management / Production Management / Farm Management / Environment Control and Management and etc...

2.3" Multi-Rows Digital Display To 5" Single-Row Multi-Functions Digital Display

Can choose different colours for numbers or unit : (Red / Yellow / Green)

Reduce cost / Bigger display with better visibility / Reduce the use of spaces / Carbon reduction / Dynamic display / Computer synchronization

Multi-Rows Digital Display To Single-Row Multi-Functions Digital Display

Dot-Matrix Multi-Functions Digital Display

Time Management Application Production Line Management Application